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Tanker Services


Through our network of approved suppliers, ECM, have access to the largest fleet of bulk tankers nationally. This allows us to deliver to our customers a full range of services that require specialist equipment. This area can create some of the most difficult projects to manage, making sure that the movement of many liquids is not only compliant but is managed for sustainability. ECM consider all parts of the carbon footprint for each project that we undertake. Utilizing local specialist supply, reducing milage is just one area of consideration. All of our suppliers share our passion for sustainability. 

At ECM we can arrange collection of every type of bulk liquid waste no matter how small or large the collection, we have never had to say no….Do you need to set us our next challenge? 

A few examples of how ECM, through our network of suppliers, have helped some of our customers: – 

  • Bulk Fuel and Oils disposal- including fuel polishing 
  • Bulk contaminated water waste including effluent 
  • Contaminated Liquid Analysis 
  • Bulk or small load Chemical liquids or process liquids- We also analyse process liquids 
  • Interceptor clearance and maintenance 
  • Vac Tankers and high pressure jetters 
  • Bulk tank decommissioning and disposal