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Specialist Projects


Our experience over the years demonstrates that one day is never the same as the next. This is true throughout all of the customers that we deal with. Sometimes the unexpected arises, this may be from a new project, an old problem or even an unfortunate event. You can guarantee that all will come with their own timescale challenges. We are ready and waiting because ECM have encountered most issues, but we know that there are still scenarios that will challenge us. The supplier network that we have enables ECM to manage all of the specialist challenges that we have been set so far all within the desired timescales 

At ECM we have managed a number of specialist projects no matter how small or large, we have never had to say no….Do you need to set us our next challenge? 

A few examples of some of the projects that ECM have been involved in on behalf of our customers: – 

  • Spoilt trailer loads due to stowaways- including trailer and load decontamination and secure destruction of any spoilt area of the load. 
  • Biohazardous land clearance 
  • Pigeon Guano clean up and netting services 
  • Contaminated land and remediation- This includes soil analysis management 
  • Mercury waste from a loss of containment 
  • Radioactive waste disposal on a number of projects 
  • Old Unidentified waste, assessed on site by a chemist, packed and disposed compliantly 
  • Explosive’s waste- specialist managed for compliant and sustainable disposal 
  • Seized, confiscated goods, including cannabis Factory clean ups and disposal