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Industrial Waste


Our experience with our Industrial customers teaches us that not any one challenge has the same response. The verity of process within any Industrial setting will always have its own complexities and these can be very time consuming and difficult to navigate. At ECM we consult with our customers to understand their desired outcome and then work with our teams of Industry leading specialist, suited to that requirement. Our customers have found that by using this service we can manage the process and desired outcome for them, whilst delivering on the bottom line. 

At ECM we have managed Industrial challenges of all sizes, we have never had to say no….Do you need to set us our next challenge? 

A few examples of how ECM, through our network of suppliers, have managed different challenges for some of our customers: – 

  • Industrial Cleaning and decontamination-including Covid 19 secure 
  • Complete plant decommissioning and clearance for site closure 
  • All types of process plant waste including hazardous and non-hazardous 
  • Specialist projects including secure destruction 
  • Bulk storage tank decommissioning and disposal- This includes chemical tanks 
  • Pressurised cylinder disposal and clearance 
  • Spill response and clean ups