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Automotive Waste


Running an automotive business brings so many demands to do the right thing, and the waste from this sector is no different. The number of waste streams generated within this industry can be vast and spread across various waste suppliers sometimes. What does that mean to an already busy schedule? Not only is your waste costing money to dispose of, it’s probably also costing you your time…Maybe 1 extra vehicle a month?

At ECM we can arrange collection of every type of Automotive waste no matter how small or large the collection, we have never had to say no…Do you need to set us our next challenge?

A few examples of how ECM, through our network of suppliers, have eradicated the following issues for some of our customers: –

  • Poor regular collection schedule meaning waste was building up and taking up precious space
  • Constantly spending time chasing collections and paperwork
  • Bulk Oil collection delays impacting bulk storage and even spills
  • Failed audits due to advised incorrect storage
  • Inconsistent pricing meaning constant time spent negotiating rates and changing suppliers
  • Poor Interceptor maintenance on sites, resulting in expensive costs for spills
  • Difficulty with ad-hoc difficult waste streams and cross-contaminated waste