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National Waste Management Solutions.

Environmental Care Management

It’s in our name, let us care about the environment on your behalf. 

Waste Management at its best. 

The World today is in our care. Every individual has a responsibility to make a difference and it is impossible to go through one day without having an impact on the world. The kind of impact that you have is entirely your choice. Never underestimate this impact and how a small change can make a big difference” 

At ECM this ethos is at the heart of what we do, it
formulates what we want to achieve for our customers. 

What kind of impact do you want to make today? We can help

From a small individual business to a large multinational corporation, we can help with any area of your waste management or environmental goals.

The four pillars of our business are:      

  • Compliance
  • Environmentally Aware     
  • Ethical
  • Added Value


Managing your business through our network of like-minded national suppliers, you can be sure that our passion can help you make the right impact.

We have never had to say no, can you give us our next challenge?


Legislation around waste has many implications to not only your business but also you personally. This may be in the form of Financial Penalties or as severe as a prison sentence.  At ECM compliance is at the core of what we do. We constantly monitor and update changes in legislation on your behalf.

Our services dictate that the highest levels of compliance are always adhered to during our transaction with your business. All our suppliers have to undertake tight due diligence to make sure that they also operate with compliance at their core.

Remember all waste generated by your business remains your responsibility until it has been finally disposed of ECM will make sure that at every stage through this process you remain fully compliant.


We strive to manage waste in line with the waste hierarchy, with the aim to reduce waste first-hand in line with government guidelines. Our ultimate passion for your business is zero to landfill.

The supplier network that we operate understands our requirement for recycling, waste to energy and reuse. These are our fundamental requests for your business, and we monitor these on all collections.

We also advise passionately around environmental schemes both locally and nationally and can provide consultations around your environmental goals as a business at any stage during your interaction with ECM.

Support for Environmental innovations is also a key factor in our ethos, and we love to share these with our customers.


As part of our supplier onboarding, we grow to understand their attitude towards an ethical business to make sure that it is aligned to our beliefs. This will include but not limited to:-

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Promise keeping and trustworthiness.
  • Fairness
  • Loyalty
  • Concern and respect for others
  • Social responsibility
  • Law-abiding
  • Reputation and Morale


At ECM we have full accountability for our impact on our customers business and work extremely hard with our customers to match and improve on their Ethical stance


The vision that ECM has for our customers is to drive value
into each part of the interaction that we have. 

This can be obtained by driving cost effectiveness, innovation and best practice.

The ultimate goal as a partnership is to achieve the desired result for the customer, whilst driving savings and value without compromising on service.

  • Managed Waste Management Services
  • Competitive Rates
  • Priority Service
  • Full Compliance
  • Account Management
  • Strategic Partnership

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